Introducing AlphaCrowd


Last Friday (16th April 2021) I was thinking to myself just how impressive some of the talent in the retail investment space is - particularly on Twitter of FinTwit (Finance Twitter). I've had conversations on Twitter that in 4 tweets or less have provided more insight into a company than would have been provided by one hour of my own research.

It also occurred to me that much of this unique insight goes unheard/unseen by many, or simply gets lost in the noise with the passage of time. Take for example the $TSLAQ community. $TSLAQ is a ragtag group of sceptics whose principle activities involve scrutinising Tesla and Elon Musk. Agents of $TSLAQ have performed all different activities over the years. Some visit the factories and service centres to monitor performance and talk to staff. Some fly planes over storage lots and cargo ship loading bays to gauge demand every quarter. Some call out the actions and words of Musk himself. Others scrutinise the financial accounts and footnotes in incredible detail. But all of this fantastic research and insight is simply posted on Twitter and eventually buried in the timeline.

I thought to myself how great it would be if the $TSLAQ community, or an individual within $TSLAQ, had documented everything from day one in a central location. Imagine a website dedicated to the research of $TSLAQ and full to the brim with insights in what would effectively amount to a short report. Then I thought: maybe I should create one? But it would be a tremendous amount of work for one person.

That is where the idea of a wiki site came to me. A wiki site - like Wikipedia - is just a website that can be edited and updated by anyone. I thought it suited the ragtag style of $TSLAQ perfectly. It then also occurred to me that there was no reason that the idea should be limited to just $TSLAQ. The Tesla bulls should be