About the Writer, S. Morton

  • 23 years old and interested in all things finance and investing

  • Graduate of Strathclyde University. Degree in Finance and Economics

  • 7 years of experience in financial markets

  • Aspiring to achieve financial independence ASAP and enjoy what the world has to offer

About Morton's Market Journal 

There are two purposes to Morton’s Market Journal.


First, it is intended to make me, its writer, a better investor. Morton's Market Journal is a public record of my investments and thought processes intended to make sure that I remain true to value investment principles and increase the likelihood of profitability over time. 

Second, I hope that others find some value from my views on markets and investment ideas. Over time I hope to build a reputation for myself as a highly successful investor, capable of generating superior returns for myself and others.

In Morton's Market Journal you will find my thoughts and opinions on different investment ideas, analysis of individual stocks/securities as well as broader markets, commentary on notable market events, and anything else that interests me relating to the topics of markets, finance, and investing.

I hope you find some value in the content of Morton's Market Journal. If so, please consider donating to support my writing and incentivise more content creation.

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